3rd August 2020

July has come and gone in a flash and with the passing of time these familiar words which punctuate and usually structure our lives are becoming more and more redundant.  Ha, this is becoming a word association game.  Redundancy I feel like Covid-19 handed me my very own P45 back in March and I am still looking for a job!  Life is still fragmented for many and my heart goes out to my fellow colleagues who work in either the wedding industry, beauty, music, theatre, events….. it is a time of treading water and regulating the breathing slowly.  I continue to shoot, create in the shadows of this time, breathing life and hope into the cracks as they appear.  Some days I feel miserable as hell as I miss my work and worry about the future, others I feel liberated and on some kind of endless holiday and whilst the sunshines this can be kept up.  Here is another roll of film that I shot in July, you can’t take away from this beautiful weather we have had! Thank god for that hey otherwise where would we all be.  Beauty is still in abundance.

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