7th June 2020

I had lost one of our disposable cameras that both Fox and I had shot way back in April.   I have been looking for this object in earnest for about a month now and had resigned myself to the fact that it had been swallowed up somewhere.  It is always at the moment you give up that it then appears, I found it buried underneath a rotting bag of carrots in the bottom of the fridge.  The camera was unscathed and the scans came in yesterday.  It feels like a lifetime has actually passed since we took this.  This roll dates back to early April of when we were living in that intense stage of lockdown where we only allowed out for an hour a day.  When I look at the images I recognise visual cues of corners, barriers, layers denoting the theme of confinement maybe… yet at the same sky, horizon, light, nature signifying hope, optimism and beauty.  These  pictures we took are very basic snapshots all taken within a stones throw of where we live.  They offer an insight into how we were feeling, nothing more than small rectangular insights into our subconscious; daily vignettes.    I can see throughout all the rolls we have shot to date over this lockdown period an ongoing quest to explore a sense of place, connection and at the same time freedom and escapism.  I am ever so grateful for all that we still have, the community we have around us, the beautiful place we live and the ability to create during this time.  

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