19th June

It is a miracle either of these rolls of film were ok, they have been knocking around the bottom of a bag full of sand, shells and mud which is a true depiction of our lifestyle; beach and allotment.  This post is a collaboration between me and Fox, one camera is his and the other mine; 12 weeks we have wandered a round looking at the world through a rectangle.  He has gone back to school this week and work resumes at home for me, I am so proud of the little scamp, I love how he feels and sees the world, a sensitive fiery curious soul who is my sidekick.  I will treasure these images forever, teaching him to see and feel inspired and catch a moment that means something to him has been a total joy.  I showed him the images last night and as he saw an image he relived the memory with a mighty grin across his face, “memory catching” is what we called it….  This was meant to be an activity to do in lockdown however I think it might become a sweet little thing we do together from now on.  I am going to make him a book of these images an album from this extraordinary time that we have lived through, a time that I don’t think we will every really know the impact from until a little while off from now.  

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