5th August

It’s August and the sun is beating down most days from dawn to dusk, the sea is warm and inviting beckoning me down there most days.  I love the ritual of dipping in and out of the water, getting too hot so dipping and then drying off and repeat.  As I dry I shut my eyes and start to drift off, listening to the giggles of children, squeals of delight and random pieces of conversation.  My hair and skin is becoming more crispy as the summer evolves.  Days and nights are spent on the beach with Fox and friends, breakfast, lunch and tea takes place amongst sand and pebbles; it feels like an endless summer.  I have been shooting all the while of lockdown and I am feeling ready to shoot human beings again.  For a while there it didn’t feel appropriate and safer in a way to concentrate on objects however it really is now time to get back to what I love.  Organically an idea has emerged to shoot couples on the beach.  I want to create some pictures that feel very raw and energetic, often we see couples posing and static; frozon on the spot fearing what the picture might look like.  The sea cannot be tamed or controlled; to swim with another is like to dance together.  The waves pick you up and swirl you around and bodies become intertwined and this pushes for me the element of energy between people.  I am interested in ‘connection’ and ‘creating space’ as the foundation of creating pictures; this seems like the ultimate conditions for me.  I want the images to feel like they are taken in the sea, with the sun splitting through the images and the sea filling the frame.  I shoot these sessions on 1 disposable water proof camera! The sessions are simple, 1  roll per couple, you get a whole roll of film shots.  I am currently offering these sessions,  I just need you and the sea and I will give you images like these.  For rates and dates just mail me and let’s create some pictures for you.

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