30th June

In the olden days {PC pre-covid} I am mid season and bedding into a lovely rhythm; travelling most weekends having adventures whilst capturing stories far and wide.  The house is usually a tip as my bag is never unpacked, batteries are charging at ever socket and the fridge is filling up with film.  I do admin in the day and seem to edit late into the night often end up falling asleep with fox in his bed so I get a full nights sleep.  This is how we live for about 5 months of the year, a kind of beautiful chaos of picture making, juggling, fatigue inducing and sheer joy and happiness making. This year the rhythm is so different, my schedule is disrupted, my adventures are restricted to the town I live in and I am generating work trying to navigate this unfamiliar landscape.  It feels so weird and I really miss my job, my job is more than just that; it is an honour and pleasure.  Every couple, family and tribe I meet is unique no wedding party are the same and I bloody miss this.  There is a lot of uncertainty in the wedding industry at the moment with inconsistencies coming from that bloke that I can’t even utter his name here.  Panic not, as there are many ways to celebrate your union and commitment, elements, portrait sessions, intimate smaller gatherings.  This is the time to get creative, think about what is important and start from there, create something that aligns to this moment in time, love still wins right?  One thing lockdown has taught me is that all I need are good people, connection, nature, love and everyday mindfulness and to carry on being creative with life and I urge you to do the same.  If you are reading this feeling bogged down and frustrated whilst trying to plan your wedding maybe become a bit playful with the idea and encourage your imagination and just see…. This brings me to Lyndsey & Dyfad;  I was lucky enough to be able to document their beautiful emotional London ceremony.  This wedding was small and just perfect, with just both there mums and dads present… 4 guests in total and in total 8 and it was a wonderful celebration.  After the short ceremony we headed off for some portraits.  It was the hottest day of the year last year with balmy temps in London hitting the 30s, however it didn’t stop these two being effortlessly cool and stylish.  Lyndsey & Dyfad are two successful actors who have the world currently at their feet {you may recognise their faces}.  They have an infectious energy between them; playful, funny, caring and loving.  I know that their lives will be full of adventure as their success grow alongside their love and friendship, it was a joy to capture and witness this moment in their lives.  If you fancy a small ceremony or an intimate wedding or a portrait session drop me a line, I will be there in a heartbeat, my batteries are charged and I am ready x

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