22nd June

I guess this diary entry is more of an insight into who I am;  this space is about sharing more about my work beyond my wedding images and so this fits in with that idea to naturally share more about me.  

During lockdown it has become more and more obvious that my world and crack is full of people, I love ideas, I love energy, sharing experiences and being creative.  The wisdom which comes from ageing I can honestly say I have never felt more free and assured of what I love to spend my time doing.  Don’t get me wrong I like to let me hair down but in all honesty creativity is at the centre of the world I create for me and Fox.  I am so grateful that it informs my life choices these days from growing flowers and fresh veg, to running my own photography business and renovating a house in France.  At this exact moment in time I am able to fully express myself in my work, my life choices with the love and support of my friends and many inspiring networks.  Part of this process is to raise each other up and help one another and inspire, support and come together as communities enabling the creative process to flow.  This is a really long introduction to an interview well it is more of a conversation piece.  It is part of a series that the ‘Postmodernist bridal’ collective have been working on where they are conversing with women creatives who are at the top of their game whilst trying to push the edges of their discipline.      Pippa (Bon Bride), Anya (L’eto Bridal), Mannie (Bowie Rae), Ann-Marie (AM Faulkner) and Prea (Prea James Bridal) are a few of the powerhouses behind the collective, looking to disrupt the bridal industry. What began as a support network of like-minded women, working mothers, designers and friends soon became an unstoppable force.  Mannie and I chatted across other sides of the world and it was like she and I were sitting around my kitchen table like old friends catching up with a glass of wine.  I think it is probably easier for you to listen to the interview, we had a whole heap of questions which transpired were not needed as we naturally ebbed and flowed in brilliant engaging and inspiring conversation. I wholeheartedly echo the values and intentions of this group of talented and fearless women;  we are all one big community and sharing and collaborating is in this time of crisis never so pertinent. I have never been more inspired and motivated to create with a sense of playful irreverence than I am right now. My hope is that this interviews helps shift something in you as well. In whatever way you interpret this energy within your own work.  Please do message me if it does, I love to chat and collaborate…….. 

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