25th September 2019

I got in my car, boarded a boat, had an anchor point of where I was resting my head and I drove like the wind! I needed to feel free and have the open road at my beck and call.  If you know me then you already understand that really I am a vagabond at heart; adventure, the unknown and being lost really does make me come alive, adulthood responsibilities can quash these afore mentioned pleasures and I was really ready to roam.  My intention was to explore be curious and follow my heart in the heart of Normandy whilst eating peaches, drinking red wine and cheese.  I already believe that I am somewhat french as I wear berets and did so before it came a thing, I listen to FIP, I eat lots of cheese and I frequent ‘the real patisserie’ most weeks.  My love for France started young I was 6, I went to after school french lessons in the village, Elizabeth a mother was french and she wore bright red lipstick, had 3 tortoises and she sashayed around her kitchen only speaking to us in French.  It sounded like a dance as she spoke and it was hypnotic,  I daydreamed, I fell in love with her beautiful son Jean Marc and I learnt to sing in french.  Since my introduction to France I have visited with the school, with my parents, for work and this was the first time on my own.  5 days I travelled and it gave me everything I needed; I met new people and drunk wine in an orchard, I experienced stillness in churches, I listened to Charlotte Gainsbourg on repeat.  I sketched, wrote, ate, smoked {and I don’t smoke anymore but when in France…}, got lost, paddled in rivers, got sunburnt shoulders, read books, swam and took photographs with my trust old Olympus point and shoot film camera.  I fell in love with France and the tiny village I stayed in and I made friends and I suspect this could just be the beginning of something for myself…..   

The song that resonated the most ….

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