23rd April 2020

I have brought 6 x disposable cameras from Amazon; they were cheap as chips with no ability to focus, meter the light or capture any subtle nuance of life.  This is not about quality but enabling a process of carrying on my art; to encourage, to feel free , to create some creative in this space in time.  At the same time, I am treading the fine line of pressure and expectation in terms of outcome.  I am acutely aware of my high expectations especially when it comes to my work.  I am bypassing the outcome by using a cheap and quite frankly dreadful tool;  I am intentionally cruising blissfully into potentially the worse work I have ever shot… or maybe I am about to fly into a creative space of freedom. Here is the proof. Roll number 1 is back from the lab and thank god for my lab for still giving me and my work life. Within  this process I have got Fox my son involved, so when he finishes up his roll we can see how he is seeing the world.  Anyway, I am off for my daily walk with another crappy camera in my pocket.  

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