22nd September 2020

I like a bit of casual religion.  I find more and more that I am increasing getting into this position of kneeling and looking up at the sky and sending a quick tweet prayer to yonder….  Places of worship are conventionally churches however I want to deconstruct this notion and maybe bold enough to say that it is the air, light, space, food, nature…. it is everywhere if you choose to see it and feel it.  Anyhow I digress, I feel it is relevant to post this set of images today, of course it kicks off with an image of a grave and some plastic flowers which I shot in full sun with a flash…. never has an image resonated so much as today! I am not going to mention it, you will get the context and the meaning of the metaphor.  I am posting this and heading to my other place of worship the ground AKA the allotment to try and clear my head; let us pray.

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