1st May 2020

As another week rolls around so does another roll of film.  I am not interested in taking photographs of the lockdown parse, why?  Because I find it all too painful, because it is mostly full of loss and I don’t want to hang about in that space too long, it is not beautiful… {as in the literal sense I mean and then I think about it, not in any sense}.  Yes there are portraits behind glass and through screens but again it feels too uncomfortable.   I can see empty streets echoing Hopper, reflections and space where shadows at last can stretch out.  Discarded gloves and masks can be signifiers.  Images  would feel like I am the last one left at the end of a Michael Jackson fancy dress party.  Picture the scene “thriller’ is on repeat and everyone has left the party, the room is empty, the sun is rising and all that is left is the detritus, the odd glove and mask, and the echo….  I need to create as that is all I really know and so I am searching for what….?  I am continuing to notice, explore, listen, walk, I am seeing very small vignettes that make me feel joy and that life is still magical and more importantly beautiful… I dunno another week has passed;  another week of thinking and not really becoming clearer. Here are the images, maybe they speak more eloquently than myself. 

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