19th August 2019

Just like that it’s
late August, hot days where the sun scorched the ground and the sunflowers
worshipped every ray are lessening.  The pavement is cooling and here
by the sea the air is cooler too.  My work mirrors the seasons, I am
busy looking at the world through my viewfinder; observing, noticing,
feeling & capturing many different stories all over the country.  I am
travelling and very happy to do so, the adventure begins as I pack my bag and
leave my home behind and the story begins.  Every couple, family and tribe
I meet is unique and I am open and tuned in to receive their narrative and
listen to the  twists and turns. No
wedding, party, celebration of family are the same and it would be foolish for
me to even think they are, it is my job to experience these precious one off
moments and tune in to each narrative. This brings me to Lyndsey &
Dyfad; they initially contacted me about capturing their wedding party but alas
it was not meant to be.  They are splitting their wedding celebration in
two parts.  Firstly getting married in an
intimate ceremony just with their parents and then a big old party up in
Scotland later on in the year.  I was lucky enough to be able to
document their beautiful emotional London ceremony.  After the short
ceremony we headed off for some portraits. 
It was the hottest day of the year so far with temps in London hitting
the 30s, however it didn’t stop these two being effortlessly cool and stylish.
 Lyndsey & Dyfad are two successful actors who have the world
currently at their feet {you may recognise their faces}.  They have an infectious energy between them;
playful, funny, caring and loving.  I know that their lives will be full
of adventure as their success grow alongside their love and friendship, it was
a joy to capture and witness this moment in their lives. 

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