11th July 2019

 Chris is a very talented photographer  and his girlfriend Alline is equally a wonderful talent  too, the other week I get the following message from Chris.

‘Hey Jo, Alline + i are going away for a couple of days to celebrate her somehow tolerating me for the past 2 years. we’re not doing gifts or any of that sh*t but we do both absolutely adore your work + wanted to see if you’d be free to shoot us at our little hippy crack den in rye harbour nature reserve? here’s a link for context.  We get there on the 3rd july before i head to wedding nearby on the 5th july. there’s no brief, we’re not looking for an “out of the box” couples shoot, we’d wanna just give you full creative freedom + licence to experiment, without any restrictions. “licence to experiment, without any restrictions” sounds like a james bond porno spoof…which isn’t entirely what we had in mind but yeah… we are bringing tonnes of film and some of our favourite point shoot / medium format cameras if you want to play too…’

So I headed down to the beach retreat on the afternoon of the 4th July, the weather was hot and sun twinkling brightly in the huge sky above, the scene was set.  We hung out and I shot til twilight, squeezing the last bit of light out of the day.  I don’t want to fill this space with too many words as for me the photographs tell the story much better than my words can.  Hit play, turn up the music; the track is ‘House of cards by Radiohead’. 

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